Schedule your next oil change at Larry Green Ford

When was the last time you had your oil changed? If you're finding yourself scratching your head or you know it's long overdue, don’t hesitate to put your trust in our service team here at Larry Green Ford. Our service technicians are here to make sure your vehicle gets on a routine oil change schedule and runs smoothly for years to come.

Our oil change advice is simple, change your oil regularly and reap the benefits of a healthy, smoothly operating car, truck or SUV. If you need to get your vehicle back on a routine schedule, our team can help. We'll assess your oil, find out what kind of oil your vehicle is meant to run with, and help set up a proper time frame for your next oil change. Switching out your engine's oil on a regular basis allows for healthy lubrication, no sludge build-up and ends up helping you avoid permanent damage to your engine. We can base how often you need to change your oil on depending on how much you drive, the type of vehicle you drive, and the conditions you normally face. We offer a variety of motor oils at our service center, so we can make sure we use the best possible oil for your vehicle to increase its efficiency and help you drive with total confidence.

To schedule your next oil change, you can call us, check out our online scheduling system, or stop by our dealership here in Blythe and speak with a service team member in person.

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