Unrivaled brake service at Larry Green Ford

Keeping up with basic service and maintenance is important if you want to drive safely and confidently. This is especially the case when it comes to brake service. Your vehicle's brakes functioning properly is intrinsic to your safety, and the safety of others, and that's why Larry Green Ford offers the expertise of our service center.

Our service center can cater to any and all of our customers' or drivers from the Blythe, CA area's brake-related needs. Whether you're hearing some questionable noises, you're due for new brake pads or rotors, or you are sure that your brakes are damaged, we can help. Our expert team can tackle any brake-related issue with skill and efficiency, and at competitive rates. We strive to offer a level of brake service that can't be matched, and our passion is to send you on your way with a vehicle that's always running as smoothly as possible. We recommend scheduling brake service depending on what your owner's manual says, how much mileage you have on your vehicle, and the condition of your car. We're here to help you figure out when and how often you should schedule brake service for your vehicle if you're not sure, as well.

Don’t hesitate to give your car the tender love and care it needs to move as smoothly and safely as possible. You can call us, visit us, or schedule an appointment online today. We're looking forward to keeping your brakes in prime condition for years to come.

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