Ford has long been known for its best-selling trucks, their iconic Mustang cars, and hot selling SUVs. However, Ford is also a big player when it comes to its series of commercial vans. Today, Ford sells big numbers of its successful Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect commercial vans. Here is a look at why these vans are a big hit with all types of businesses.

The Ford Transit Connect as a Business Workhorse

If you happen to drive through the city or an airport, you are likely to pass dozens if not hundreds of Ford Transit Connect commercial vans. These vans are used for everything from cargo transport to passenger transport. Some of the key features of the Ford Transit Connect is its tight turning radius, big capacity, and excellent fuel efficiency. The current Ford Transit Connect is available in five models. Two Ford Transit models specialize in cargo and three models that specialize in passenger transport.

The Big Capability of the Ford Transit

Talk to most plumbers, electricians, commercial transport and contractors and many will agree: The Ford Transit commercial van is a top choice for day to day business operations. The Ford Transit is America's best-selling commercial vehicle. Its 35-year history has seen sales in the tens of millions with its available high roofline and excellent durability. The current model Ford Transit is available in four trim levels. Two of the trim levels are designed for cargo transport while the other two models are designed for passenger transport.

What Makes Ford Commercial Vans so Popular?

There are several reasons why Ford commercial vans are so popular across the country and the Ehrenberg AZ area. The first big reason is durability. Many of these commercial vans can easily put 40,000 or 50,000 miles a year on the odometers. These commercial vans have to be able to put up with that type of usage without unexpected downtime. Also, the Ford commercial vans are easy to maintain and service. This helps keep the cost down for businesses. Finally, Ford commercial vans are well priced versus the competition.

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