Our Ford Dealership Buys Cars

Buying a new car comes with concerns about what to do with your current model. Perhaps due to insurance costs and other issues, keeping it as a second car isn't workable. So, you intend to sell it. Where do you want to sell the vehicle? Who do you intend to sell to the car? Questions like these are important ones. Why complicate the process by going down the private sale route? Our dealership provides a perfect place for sellers to take their cars and receive a fair price.

Larry Green Ford also accepts older models as trade-ins. Maybe now is the time to buy a new Ford Focus, Escape, or Fiesta. By using your old car, truck, or SUV as a trade-in, you now have a chance at getting an eye-opening deal on a Ford. And there are other benefits to trade-ins. Ultimately, working with our dealership can eliminate scores of private sale hassles.

Completing a Private Sale

Private sales often involve publishing an advertisement for a vehicle and selling the model to a stranger in Ehrenberg AZ. You may need to pay for the ad or, if using an online marketplace, commissions might come into play. Besides the added costs, you might find yourself struggling with customer service headaches, complaints, and, possibly, questions about liabilities. Dealing with strangers during a car sale can be troubling. And don't think selling to a relative or friend is entirely easy. You never know what can happen.

How about contacting our dealership about the sale of your vehicle? We promise a straightforward process that comes with no surprises.

Making an Offer on Your Vehicle

There isn't much guessing when it comes to pricing a sale or trade-in. Various resources list the expected sales price of a vehicle. Some models are worth more than others, as most sellers know. Make, model and year are the three top criteria to establish a baseline sales price. Other factors come into play, too. Mileage means a lot. Two identical models could have dramatically different prices depending on the mileage differences. 50,000 miles might lead to a higher sale price than 100,000.

The vehicle's condition also contributes to a sales price figure. A model without dents and scratches is premium. The same may be true when the vehicle underwent all routine service and wasn't involved in any accidents.


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Negotiating the Sale or Trade-In

Our team will make an offer on the vehicle. We do not put down any "Take it or leave it!" offers. We stress customer service and want to work with sellers around Parker AZ to find the right price everyone appreciates. We'll help with all the paperwork and title transfers on the sale and pay promptly.

Visitors interested in a new Ford can use the sales figure as a down payment on their new car. That's how a trade-in works, and it opens doors for getting an awesome deal on a new Ford.

Ford produces a wide range of different vehicles. Look at our online inventory or visit the showroom in Blythe CA in person to see more.

Figuring Out the Remaining Balance

Once we arrive at a trade-in amount, we can negotiate the final sales price on your Ford. You also have the option of making an additional down payment in cash. Afterward, you can work with our finance department if you wish to take out an auto loan to pay for the vehicle. The trade-in and cash down payment do drive down the monthly premiums, which could help keep monthly budgets in check.

Test Driving a New Ford

Buying a new car can be an exciting adventure. Take one or more of our many Ford models out on a test drive around Quartzsite AZ. We know you'll enjoy the experience and realize trading-in your old car may be the right move.